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Thread: Open Reporting Culture?

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    On a positive note, I gather that 90% of NHS hospitals have now appointed Freedom to speak up guardians. I personally feel more comfortable in being able to discuss any concerns at work with someone in this neutral post; it's a good move, and lab managers should try and get to know their local guardian.

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    You should also be raising incidents when you can't meet audit schedules or for eg cleaning schedules or even when your documents expire and have missed review dates. These might be early signals that there are capacity issues
    also and with respect to whistleblowing and escalation of concerns. I would recommended building a relationship with clinical governance teams and inviting representatives to the htt. Use that system to escalate issues. Use the htc route as well ..get your users on board. get staffing on the risk Register
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    Is this encouragement made on the basis that more incident reporting will mean !?

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    Yes i think you right about this.
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