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Thread: Fetal Genotyping

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    Fetal Genotyping

    As many sites are going over to referring samples from their RhD Neg antenatal patients for fetal genotyping, perhaps we could share some ideas on what has been problematic or works well.

    How is the result of the fetal genotype recorded on your LIMS?

    If the patient miscarries and then soon after is again pregnant- how do you differentiate the fetal genotype of pregnancy 1 and pregnancy 2- to avoid confusion to both clinical and lab staff?

    many thanks

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    I have been working with SensiGene Fetal RHD Genotyping. I can share some of the materials (I will ask for an official permission to share those on forums though). If it's allowed here, I could upload my lab reports to a Google Drive with full access.
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