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Thread: Another Roadshow?

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    Another Roadshow?

    The 2009 Roadshow was excellent.If the MHRA would consider holding another event, possibly together with UKAS, these could be even better and a great opportunity for learning and understanding expectations for all.
    This could be open to BBMs, QMs, LIMS and analyser suppliers, and even staff from other Path.disciplines. With so many staff changes in our labs since this event, it is time for some of our newer, less experienced staff to benefit, and maybe this will also help improve communication between stakeholders.

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    The presentations from the 2009 event have been made available through the on-line forum to help raise awareness and improve compliance through self learning, as the topics covered are equally relevant today. Whilst the possibility of future roadshows is being considered, we are aware that resource constraints may prevent some staff from being able to attend and are therefore asking forum members to suggest potential opportunities for Inspectors to speak at conferences or meetings held by the NHS/Blood services etc. that staff may be required to attend anyway, so that we get the opportunity to get across some key messages and the staff don’t have to justify a separate day out.

    To request a speaker, the online form ( will need to be submitted for inspectorate management to review and assess.

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    Stephen, to support the 2016 Annual SHOT report we would welcome a short paragraph or two on MHRA inspections. Interest and feedback from inspections is widespread and would help to support some of the key messages regarding laboratory errors. Please contact Paula Bolton-Maggs via the to discuss further.

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