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Thread: Blood Compliance Reports 2017

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    Blood Compliance Reports 2017

    The compliance reports and declaration forms for Hospital Blood Banks and Blood Facilities (01st April 2016 to 31st March 2017) are available on the MHRA website using the links below and must be completed and submitted 30th April 2017.
    Please note that late submissions increase the risk score applied to the site.

    For hospital blood banks, theblood bank compliance report templatemust be completedand sent it to MHRA. Hospital Blood Banks are required to complete the compliance report and the declaration form. A change in approach to blood compliance report assessment was introduced during 2015 which saw a removal of the majority of questions requiring free-text responses. You will note that some sections are not available or some question numbers do not appear to be in order in some sections. Please ensure all the available questions on the BCR are answered and submit your completed BCR as outlined in the guidance note.

    For blood facilities, the blood facility declaration form must be completed and sent to the MHRA.

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    Please can you confirm that in Section A,15 of the BCR 2017- category "other", this refers to blood components e.g granulocytes, and NOT products such as anti-D Ig, Albumin, Factors, which are not covered by BSQR.


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    The Blood Compliance Report relates to Blood Components only, as identified in the Blood Safety and Quality Regulations.
    Products such as Anti-D, Albumin, Clotting Factors, IgG, etc. are not to be entered on the Blood Compliance Report as they are by definition Blood Products, not components.


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