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Thread: Reviewing UKTLC Standards

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    Reviewing UKTLC Standards

    Dear Colleagues,

    Please note that the transfusion collaborative is in the process of updating the current Standards: which can be found at the bottom of the page.

    UK Transfusion Laboratory Collaborative: minimum standards for staff qualifications, training, competency and the use of information technology in hospital transfusion laboratories 2014

    If you have any suggestions for improvement/ inclusion please let me know. Changes to these standards will be discussed at the July 2018 SHOT meeting.

    Many thanks!

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    Example of improvements could be:
    1. Including the Transfusion Practitioner role- which is essential for lab interaction with the clinical areas.
    2. Quality support for the Transfusion team at an appropriate level of understanding.
    3. MLA support
    4. BBM and Seniors to be able to demonstrate regular attendance at professional local meetings eg TADG
    5. Capacity plans to include protected time for all staff to do serology competencies eg IPEx and BTLP TACT .

    The TLC Standards are to help improve safety for your staff and patients, so please share your ideas on this forum.

    Thank you.
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