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Thread: Compatibility label printing issues

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    Compatibility label printing issues


    Just after some advice really. At present we are validating our new LIMS system, however we are having problems with printing compatibility labels. We are going onto Winpath Enterprise, using Windows 7 PC's and Zebra GX430t printers. There is a line all the way down the label that is not printing.

    Any help gratefully received!

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    It's been a long time (18 years!) since I used a Zebra printer, but from what I remember sometimes those blank lines were caused by a bit of dirt. I'm assuming you've cleaned the printheads etc? Otherwise it may be a fault with the printer.

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    Hi you've probably sorted it by now, hopefully. As Chris said it could be the print heads, it could be the ribbon unless your using direct thermal transfer.
    It could be your settings that need reviewing. Some BMS's annoyingly press the green button on top and ruin everything. Ask your label supplier for some clues ours is very helpful. Zebra are a little illusive.

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