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Thread: Electronic/digital signatures

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    Lightbulb Electronic/digital signatures

    A small company, we don't have an EDMS where we can sign documents electronically, currently still using wet ink for everything. Looking to use a service provider software. What must we look for? Any advice appreciated, thanks.

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    Firstly you need to identify exactly what you want the system to do before contacting a few companies explaining your requirements, and ask for a demo of what the software can do and any related documents. If you can be shown a live system in use on a site,that would be even better.
    Things to consider;
    1. Stand alone/ hosted system?
    2. Ease of access on site/ off-site
    3. Is there a separate charge for additional users?
    4. Can you upload WORD, EXCEL and other types of files you use
    5. Security and access levels/ back-ups available
    6. How does the electronic/ digital signature work- does this comply with your regulations?
    7. Ease of loading/ unloading documents.
    8. Audit trail
    9. Cost/ benefit


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