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Thread: Overlap of samples

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    Overlap of samples

    Regarding the timing of samples - if a patient has been transfused within the last 3 months the sample has to be within three days of the planned transfusion. I just wondered if anyone accepts overlap samples. So for example if a sample was received on Day 1 and blood was crossmatched and transfused, then blood was required 3 days later (which would be day 4) would you accept a sample bled on day 2 to crossmatch this blood?

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    We could have a long debate on this! Potentially yes, as the requirement is for the antibody screen to be valid for 72hrs.
    Though I must admit to having concern about some category of patients, particularly SCD with allo-antibodies, and who could be more sensitive to forming additional weird and wonderful antibodies in a short time, though I am sure the BSH writing groups would have looked into these scenarios.
    Why not give the BSH writing group members a call as I believe they are in the process of updating these guidelines?

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