Welcome to the Blood forum. This forum has been created by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) as a tool to help all those involved in blood component collection, processing, testing and distribution to comply with the EU Blood Directives, UK Statutory Instruments and good practice requirements.

Many professionals within the blood component community frequently seek advice from the MHRA, relating to various issues, including the MHRA interpretation of the current regulations and guidelines.

In most circumstances, the GMDP inspectors can address these queries however, in order to remain unbiased and independent, inspectors cannot instruct organisations on the best approach to take to meet these requirements. This Blood online discussion forum provides the ideal opportunity for extended communication between interested parties and allows users to put forward their comments and examples of how they meet the legislative requirements. This will then give users, real-life, examples of ways in which they can manage robust quality procedures that ensure compliance and which dovetail with their own business needs and resources.

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The primary focus for the forum is to allow organisations and individuals to ask about and share best practice. This forum should not be used for the following, as formal routes are already in place to deal with these types of communications:

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MHRA officers endeavour to ensure that advice and comments offered reflect MHRA operational inspectorate policy and a science and risk based approach to the matters raised. You should note that any technical or regulatory advice given to you is not legally binding with regard to any future application(s) for the concerned site or products manufactured therein, neither on the part of MHRA nor on the company. Furthermore, advice cannot be taken as indicative of any future agreed position during inspection.

The answers given by MHRA are based on the questions and documentation submitted and cannot account for future changes and developments in scientific knowledge or regulatory requirements. Companies should note that the advice provided is without prejudice to applicable legislation relating to the particulars and documents which should be submitted in support of any Blood Establishment Authorisation (or other) Application; it is also without prejudice to any intellectual property rights of third parties. It is possible that during inspection further considerations may come to light that may alter the advice given.