Saddened to hear that a colleague who was in charge of a large multi-site dept had recently lost their job within a short time frame of placing multiple incident reports on unsafe staffing levels, as part of the process of building evidence for Capacity Planning.

Our profession has lost another very experienced and talented transfusion scientist who was trying to do the right thing and highlight patient safety concerns, as is our professional responsibility to do, in a so called transparent and open reporting culture.

Do some organisations think that that recommendations from The Francis Report & the Don Berwick report : “A promise to learn- a commitment to act” not apply to them?

Drive out fear from an organisation-as fear is toxic to safety & improvement.

The above statement was first described by W. Edwards Deming, over 70yrs ago- and obviously still being ignored.

If anyone has similar information to share please do so on this forum, PM me or report confidentially to the UKTLC via NBTC/ NHSBT/ SHOT.

Thank you