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Thread: Interpretation of Current Sample

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    Interpretation of Current Sample

    The BCSH guidelines for pre-transfusion compatibility procedures in blood transfusion laboratories (2012) criteria for EI states:

    7.5.6 If all the following patient and sample criteria are met, then electronic issue is acceptable for that patient sample:

    iii. The current antibody screen is negative

    vii.. The current sample meets the sample timing and storage requirements ...

    How should the term 'current sample' be interpreted in routine practice when unsolicited requests appear in the laboratory after components have been issued on a sample that is still 'current' and meets the criteria above?

    Which of these options are appropriate?

    1. Discard the unsolicited sample without testing
    2. Register and process the unsolicited sample but do not take any action re any previously issued units etc. until results are available
    3. De-reserve any issued units while unsolicited sample is being tested with the option to issue emergency group O if necessary
    4. Any other option ...

    Thank you.

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    Just my thoughts- hopefully others will suggest other ways:

    Option 1: If you noticed at the point of entering onto the LIMS then you could call this “not tested” due to availability of a current sample.

    Option 2: Seems ok too if your staff or LIMS has not identified that a suitable previous suitable is available.

    Option 3- Possibly time consuming for staff. If you have already issued blood then why make more work, potential for confusion and increase risk ?

    Of course, if you start looking at exact timing of samples and the time ( is this set in minutes, hours etc?) range of acceptability- then we can discuss forever. No system is perfect, though a more intelligent LIMS may help- are there any out there?


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    I agree with Orr Thoughts and Concept.

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    It's a duplicate sample I would register as duplicate sample not tested.

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    It is worth keeping in mind that if you reject the unsolicited/duplicate sample this may have an impact on your remote issue capability as the most recent sample will be a reject sample and blood tracking systems generally checks for the most recent sample before releasing blood.

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    just putting a tracking system in a hospital where duplicates are an issue and hadn’t thought of this as the previous hospital group I set one up for did not have a problem with sending excess samples.
    Does it depend on your IT system? Duplicate requests do not stop issue on the IT system if there is a valid sample prior to it,

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