The BCSH guidelines for pre-transfusion compatibility procedures in blood transfusion laboratories (2012) criteria for EI states:

7.5.6 If all the following patient and sample criteria are met, then electronic issue is acceptable for that patient sample:

iii. The current antibody screen is negative

vii.. The current sample meets the sample timing and storage requirements ...

How should the term 'current sample' be interpreted in routine practice when unsolicited requests appear in the laboratory after components have been issued on a sample that is still 'current' and meets the criteria above?

Which of these options are appropriate?

1. Discard the unsolicited sample without testing
2. Register and process the unsolicited sample but do not take any action re any previously issued units etc. until results are available
3. De-reserve any issued units while unsolicited sample is being tested with the option to issue emergency group O if necessary
4. Any other option ...

Thank you.