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Thread: Back-up database servers

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    Back-up database servers

    Hello, i was wondering if there is any regulatory requirements regarding minimal distance between the database servers and it's back-up. For example in the Database disaster recovery plan this information should be present. However during audit/inspection what is the minimum tolerated distance ? in my spirit it was 20km(miles) but don't remember exactly from where this figure comes. Thanks in advance for your precisous help/answers.

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    Follow me. You should consider a number of factors when developing a backup solution for the Internet Data Center architecture. For example, you'll need to determine how to anticipate and avoid disasters, decide which parts of the environment should be backed up and how often, and learn how to plan a backup and recovery strategy for the environment. Your completed solution should include well-documented disaster avoidance and disaster recovery plans.
    The number you give is reference, depending on the work agency but in my 30 km range is okay.

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    From a practical perspective it depends on your risk. For example, would you really site your primary and back up data centers on the San Andreas fault-line even if they were 200km apart?

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