Just before Christmas, Statutory Instrument (SI) 2017/1320 was published which forms an amendment to SI 2005/50, the Blood Safety and Quality Regulations.
This SI introduces the Good Practice Guidelines which are to be applied from15th February 2018, as required by DIR 2016/1214.

The Good Practice Guidelines (GPGs) jointly developed by the Commission and the European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines and Healthcare of the Council of Europe and published by the Council of Europe are contained in the 18th Edition of the Council of Europe Guide to the Preparation, Use and Quality Assurance of Blood Components. In addition they can be found through the following link https://www.edqm.eu/sites/default/files/goodpracticeguidelines-19th_edition_guide_preparation_use_qa_blood_compon ents-december2016.pdf on the webpage for the Blood Transfusion Guide https://www.edqm.eu/en/blood-transfusion-guides-1608.html .