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Thread: Compliance report(reporting significant changes)

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    Compliance report(reporting significant changes)

    Dear all

    I was wondering whether anyone would consider uncovered maternity leave absence as a significant change?
    One of our TP's is on maternity leave and therefore the rest of of the team has struggled to cover her role. I myself would classify this as a staff shortage rather than a significant change?
    I would appreciate any advice as I need to decide where this relies on my compliance report.

    Thank you

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    Dear Hnabakka,
    Good question, and something for us all to consider when we are in this situation (and ready for the next BCR!). Having recently not raised this as a change and got into a bit of a pickle with trying to track all comms identifying staffing shortfall, progress with adverts, temporary recruitment etc, I would say that certainly for key posts ( BBM, Seniors, TP), that can impact on the department activities, then this should go through as a formal change.
    Best wishes

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    We raise changes controls before they leave and agree a handover of duties to another suitable member of staff. This allows us to assess the impact of the change on other staff duties. I’m wondering if you include your Tp as part of your capacity plan?

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