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    Smile How things used to be.......

    When I was a Junior MLSO many years ago we didn't have SOPS, guidelines , standards etc, but we had good staffing levels due to lack of automation,and a 32hr working day if you were oncall- so there was always continuity of staff and training ( I won't discuss the lack of patient identifiers on forms and samples- pre SHOT/BSH, which contributed to serious incidents- that's a different story).
    If there was a ruptured AAA case - you would fully cross-match 10-20 units or more by at least 2-3 different serological techniques.... aaargh!, no doubt this contributed to blood delays and patient harm as there were no MBL policies around, so it wasn't always fun.
    Of course, one of the best times was when a newly qualified MLSO was starting their first oncall, in which case a colleague would bleep them ( obviously from the staff bar), asking for 10 units of blood STAT for a patient called Ann...Ann....Aneurysm.... got them everytime!

    So there were many good things we can learn from those days, but also we have knowledge of what wasn't right- and this knowledge gives a bit of background to the UKTLC Standards.

    Would anyone else like to share thoughts about their experiences?

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