Please can we encourage as many of our colleagues to attend TADG and other professional meetings. Reserve these dates in your lab diaries well in advance and swap shifts if needed. It should be mandatory for at least the BBM to attend, together with a senior BMS or other staff as part of the mentoring process. This should be fully funded in both time and travel costs.

The risk of losing this collective knowledge that you possess as part of this group, and to not have access to Subject Matter Experts in the future could adversely affect the Haemovigilance Network with updating Guidelines, Standards, technology, testing regimes, challenges faced with new treatments e.g. DARA/ MOABS etc. and ultimately patient and staff safety.

Itís your employerís duty under the BSQRS, GPGs and also the Health and Social Care Act 2008, to allow your attendance so you can fulfill your professional role:

Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2014: Regulation 18
2. Persons employed by the service provider in the provision of a regulated activity mustó

a. receive such appropriate support, training, professional development, supervision and appraisal as is necessary to enable them to carry out the duties they are employed to perform,

b. be enabled where appropriate to obtain further qualifications appropriate to the work they perform, and

c. where such persons are health care professionals, social workers or other professionals registered with a health care or social care regulator, be enabled to provide evidence to the regulator in question demonstrating, where it is possible to do so, that they continue to meet the professional standards which are a condition of their ability to practise or a requirement of their role.

The joint SEC/London TADG is planning to collect data on hospitals that are not represented at these meetings and this will be shared with relevant organisations. If any of the other regions have already done this and would like to share their templates, would be appreciated.
If you have any problems attending these meetings- letís discuss this on the forum and find ways around these.

Many thanks!