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Thread: Incident investigations- resulting in staff disciplinary/ blame

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    Incident investigations- resulting in staff disciplinary/ blame

    Reports have recently been received that seem to indicate that some BMS staff are being taken through formal disciplinary actions and downgrading after lab incidents. If you believe an investigation at your site isn’t being conducted fairly and by looking into all potential factors, please email me:

    With all transfusion investigations the following must be included as part of the report, particularly if this was a SABRE reportable event:

    • Was there adequate staffing, skill mix, supervision, advisory support and guidance at the time of the incident as per BSQR & UKTLC Standards?
    • Did the member of staff involved have the right competencies, knowledge and training?
    • Are the right SOPs in place to describe concessions during emergencies?
    • If part of the Corrective Actions is to formally discipline staff then this should also be stated in the SABRE report.

    For colleagues concerned about this being perceived as “whistle-blowing”, I would say that we all have a duty of care to both our patients and staff and need to stand up to any unacceptable practices- it isn’t easy but you have the support of all the UKTLC organisations. We can’t let this culture undermine the improvements we are trying to make.

    You also have Mike Dawe available to contact:
    E Mail: Tel: 0203 0806239

    Thank you.

    Rashmi Rook,
    Chair, UK Transfusion Laboratory Collaborative.
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