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    Lightbulb NHBST RCI crossmatching terminology


    I have a question, I am wondering if everyone is happy with the terminology that NHSBT RCI labs use for crossmatched red cells?

    We recently had a case which could of led to a potentially serious transfusion reaction twice in a week as blood was sent to us as ‘suitable’ but not all the work had been completed and on both occasions the blood was very unsuitable. Luckily our BMSs held their ground at detecting and escalating serious incompatibilities, anti-Jsb, anti-S, anti-D and possible anti-Fya were detected by IBGRL over the following week. Then a serologically compatible unit was sent but still labelled ‘suitable’. It was a difficult case with limited information available as the patient was from overseas and the NHSBT were incredibly helpful, however I feel that the terminology used by NHSBT is very vague and uninformative to our BMS staff actually issuing the units.

    What does everyone think and could there be a better way?

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