Hi All

I was performing some LIMS validation and we were checking the setup for a warning about giving random adult units to a baby. As the guidance says we should order in specific units for these patients if time allows. When testing there was no warning so as we share the LIMS with other sites I asked what they thought. One site did not want a warning because they only select the most appropriate units off their shelf. There is no consideration about the donors donation history. When asked why, it was because the guidelines say should not must.

I try to conform to all recommendations in guidelines. So in my SOP the procedure is to order large volume units (time permitting) from NHSBT. If a member of staff did not do this and selected most appropriate unit of the shelf and issued it when there was time to order it from NHSBT the process has not been followed and I need to complete a SABRE and investigate. But the BMS in my lab are doing what the other Trusts do, hence the title of this thread.

Is there a case for not reporting such incidents if it is not a must in the guidelines?
The argument for reporting is that the process was not followed so it could go wrong elsewhere. However all this will do is encourage me to stick to the minimum "Must" recommendations from the guidelines and not pursue best practice as no one like SABRE reports.

What are others thoughts on this?