Dear Colleagues,
The 2019 UKTLC staffing survey will be released via NEQAS with a link to the Survey Monkey questionnaire on Tues 2nd April . There are approx 25 Questions and this will take around 10-15 minutes to complete by either yourself ( Transfusion Lead BMS) or a deputy. There is a template attached to both the pre-survey email and again on the day to help you gather some of the data in advance.

I would really appreciate your help to complete this by the closing date of Fri 12th April. Your comments and suggestions at the end of the survey are always helpful and very much valued.

If you have any questions about this my contact details are below.
Thank you in advance for participating.

Kindest regards,
Rashmi Rook
Chair, UK Transfusion Laboratory Collaborative
Transfusion Lead
East Surrey Hospital