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Thread: Reagent / Sample Storage

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    Reagent / Sample Storage

    We currently have 2 aging appliances (1 being used to store reagents and the other to store samples). My auto default mode tells me that I need to keep samples and reagents separated however cannot find where this is specified (standard or regulation). I would like to check if my memory is right / wrong before I start a procurement process... have already seen a double fridge with 2 sliding doors which will allow us to physically separate samples and reagents but they would still be held within 1 appliance
    Any advice / thoughts ?

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    Hi Marks8

    I have found this paragraph from the Good Practice Guide in the Premises section

    3.4.2. Laboratories should be designed to suit the operations to be carried out in them. Sufficientspace should be given to avoid mix-ups and cross-contamination. There should be adequatesuitable storage space for samples and records.

    The use of the words "suitable", "sufficient" and "adequate" are used such that if storage isn't in two separate appliances, it can be in the same appliance as long as you use clearly defined and labelled sections, and clearly describe the arrangements for storage in your SOPs. Your double fridge would seem to be able to provide sufficient storage as long as your sections are clearly marked and SOPs clearly written.

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