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Thread: Depth of Audits

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    Depth of Audits

    Has anyone noticed or having issues with pathology teams ( across UK) misunderstanding that they have to reach 'ISO' standards- to nth degree perfection levels when performing internal audits ? I thought the purpose of an audit cycle is to look at different parts of a process and if re-auditing then to go into slightly more depth.each time- continuous improvement, isn't that the game? That's why the audit template is reviewed and updated each time and doesn't have to contain each clause/ subclause etc so exactly same audit is repeated every time.

    I remember my first MHRA inspection- the NCs raised were looking at the basic processes that may not have been in place and the inspector built on this over the years by deeper audits. If this hadn't been the approach taken I certainly would never have coped and would probably have an active dislike rather than appreciation of any quality issues.

    Why are we trying to overload our people by expecting perfection with ISO ? -I don't think even the UKAS assessors expect this. Has common sense gone out the window because there is a lack of understanding and approach to internal auditing by the Leadership teams? Our people need guidance and good decisions made- these may not be perfect- but we are not trying for perfection.

    "if you look for perfection, you'll never be content" LeoTolstoy

    Leadership teams MUST understood that 'quality' is about our people- the way they are guided/ treated/ developed...Culture- the rest falls in place if you get this right. If this level doesn't understand quality, then our teams will never progress and have a sense of pride about their work- and everyone fails. Time to change- train and educate everyone with common sense approaches.... or do we continue down this same road?

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