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Thread: Remote UKAS assessments- your experience

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    Remote UKAS assessments- your experience

    Experiences of remote UKAS assessments were shared at a recent Teams meeting of the London & SE Pathology QMs Group. It would be good to hear from others how you have prepared for these and submitted info etc.
    Some comments were:
    • these were more relaxed than usual inspections/visits.
    • the assessments could occur over a longer timescale, so assessors actually get to meet with the right people.
    • Making videos of processes helped,
    • forwarding large files over to the assessors could be problammatical- so looking at sharing documents over Teams might be the way forward (when we work out how to do it!
    • gathering documents could take upto 1-2 weeks.

    Be great to hear from anyone who has had a remote assessment and any good practices and tips would be appreciated.

    Many thanks!
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