Dear Colleagues

I have made some alterations to the Specification drop down list. This is the SAE category that includes Product defect, Equipment failure, Human error and Other. I have added the sub-categories that match the "human error" sub-categories that I refer to in my SHOT Chapter. Although the new sub-categories will be available from now, I won't be using them until I receive reports from Jan 1st onwards. I hope this will give individual reporters some insight into my assessment of your reports. While you can select whatever category you deem fit, I will still base my final decision on the content of your reports. If you disagree please feel free to contact me to discuss and I can ask you for the additional information to support your point of view, or explain how I have come to my decision. I hope that this addition will be of use to you.

I have also added the ACE (Acknowledging Continuing Excellence) category to the Event DDL for SHOT. Please remember not to use this category for reportable SAEs.

Best wishes