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Thread: ? Re-mapping after moving a fridge.

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    ? Re-mapping after moving a fridge.

    I have two questions:
    1. If I have to move a fridge (approx 1 meter) to access and allow maintenance to the wall behind, once the fridge has been returned to it's original spot does it require re-mapping?

    2. What is considered the minimum distance moved to trigger a re-map?

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    I wouldn't re-map unless the fridge was moved into a totally different space/ room where the temp and ventilation may be different or the move involved tilting the fridge etc. All based on risk.Check after the move that key monitoring probes are still in place.
    Mainly re-map if it involves fan/ compressor or changes to significant other parts.
    For some sites that get all their mapping performed externally, then re-mapping can cost anything betweem 100-500 per equipment.

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    You wouldn’t expect to re map a fridge necessarily, after moving it a meter, however you should consider, did the moving process potentially affect equipment operation i.e. how much disturbance was caused to the fridge during the move? You should always assess the risk by way of a risk assessment and monitor the fridge to ensure that normal expected operation is maintained i.e. what does the routine monitoring tell you vs the previous performance.

    Regarding how far is not something that can be easily defined as that would depend on the appropriate assessment of risk that the move will impact on the fridge’s operation and what environment it is in now however, any moving outside the criteria that you have defined would require a remap.

    I hope that helps

    Best wishes


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