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Thread: Plasma Derived Medicinal Product traceability

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    Plasma Derived Medicinal Product traceability

    I'm not sure if I've put this query in the correct section but can anyone let me know what other hospital Blood Banks do with regard to plasma derived products such as human albumin, tetanus immunoglobulin, human factors etc and its traceability?
    Currently our department manages the issue and traceability of these products and with the recent / current Infected Blood Inquiry it seems like a good thing. There is a discussion at the moment (in house) about allowing the A/E department to order, store and issue the tetanus immunoglobulin, but I'm not sure if adequate traceability will be done in case of product recall.
    I have discussed the traceability of home delivery of factor VIII with Mike Dawe in the past as I was concerned when Pharmacy took this over from the lab, but he didn't seem too concerned (sorry Mike!).
    Am I just worrying for nothing?


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    We order, issue and maintain traceability for HAS and Beriplex but not Immunoglobulins or Human factors, which seems a bit disjointed. I think what sites do and don't issue is historic and certainly for us it was to do with funding many years ago and varies considerably around the country. I've no desire to take immunoglobulins off Pharmacy and would go as far as giving them Albumin and Beriplex to issue but I think I'm stuck with them! As far as I know BSCR only covers components so MHRA do not audit on batched products.

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