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Thread: 2022 Blood Compliance Report

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    2022 Blood Compliance Report

    Hospital Blood Bank Compliance Report

    The compliance report and declaration forms for Hospital Blood Banks (HBB) (01st April 2021 to 31st March 2022) are now available on the MHRA website.

    Blood compliance reports (BCR) and declarations must be completed and submitted by 30th April 2022.

    There are guidance documents available for HBBs and Facilities on the MHRA website.
    Please note that 7 questions have been changed this year; the changed questions have been highlighted in red.

    Hospital blood banks should submit their completed BCR and Hospital Blood Bank Declaration Form to with email subject heading ‘Full Hospital Name – BCR 2022’.
    (Please ensure the email includes 1 BCR and the declaration form for that hospital name, with additional information related to the blood bank ONLY. Do not send multiple BCR and declaration forms within the same trust in one email)

    Following the BCR assessment, Hospital Blood Banks will be provided with a BCR Assessment Confirmation Letter to confirm that assessment has been completed, without indicating the outcome (i.e. inspection or no inspection). The level of compliance determined will be used to inform the inspection programme for 2022/2023. The Hospital Blood Banks selected for inspection will be contacted by the inspectors to arrange a date. All inspections will be performed with a maximum of 7 days’ notice.

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    BCR response

    Re the BCR - the guidance notes published this year have been really useful to clarify certain points including the 1st of Dec question.

    Section T - the dates I believe are meant to be the 2020-2021 reporting period and not 2019 - 2020. Can you confirm?

    Section J :re the timeliness of the SABRE notifications, this is a useful indicator of the incident reporting activity however its sometimes difficult to know if an incident is reportable until the investigation is fully underway. I am sure that @ChrisRobbie would nt want to be excluding a lot of unnecessary notifications. Therefore is it reasonable to interpret the question "as soon as known" in this way?

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