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Thread: Porter Blood Training

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    Porter Blood Training

    I am a porter Bedford Hospital which has merged with Luton & Dunstable Hospital to form the Bedfordshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. We have two conflicting training regimes at each hospital so I would just like get clarity. The Transfusion Practitioner at Bedford requires us to do a yearly update and a 3 yearly Competency update whereas the Transfusion Practitioner at Luton that our yearly update should be done 2 yearly not annually. The problem is that the Transfusion Practitioner at Bedford is off sick for an extended period of time and the Transfusion Practitioner at Luton is saying that our updates are valid for another year so does not need to be done until next year. Who do we believe?

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    Dear Ammar

    The regulations are not prescriptive regarding how a Trust delivers training but rather describes that Trusts ensure that all personnel must receive initial and continued training appropriate to their specific tasks and that these records must be maintained and that written policies and procedures are in place to describe the approach to training, including a record of training that has taken place, its contents, and its effectiveness. It suggests, in your post, that this is the case. How this is delivered is up to the Trust.

    I hope this helps.

    Kind regards


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