I'm hoping someone can clarify the rules aroundusing historical samples and EI, I've read available guidelines but seem to be getting more confused!

The BSH Pre-transfusion guidelines state that:
2023-01-23 21_33_35-Guidelines for pre‐transfusion compatibility procedures in blood trans.jpg

The addendum on pre-transfusion historical samples pre-transfusion-historical-samples-scenarios-version-_-final290115.doc (live.com) states:

"...the historical sample may be valid as the ‘group-check’ sample to allow issue of ABO identical red cells to meet the two sample recommendation. However, in order to meet the stringent criteria for electronic issue of blood for transfusion against the current sample, the historical group must have the same patient ID and be transmitted electronically (with no manual intervention)"

Does the historical sample need to be fully automated with electronic transmission from the analyser to allow EI on a subsequent, current automated sample?

On a similar note, if the historical group is via electronic import from a legacy LIMS system and all relevant patient ID checks are satisfactory, could you EI using one fully automated sample in the new LIMS?

Thanks in advance