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The UKTLC, working closely with key stakeholders, aims to influence positive changes within the transfusioncommunity and enhance safety through promotion of best practice and addressing gaps identified in practices.UKTLC provides informed recommendations including staffing, qualifications, knowledge and skills, informationtechnology and just culture within UK transfusion laboratories to promote staff and patient safety.

A biennial survey is sent out to all transfusion laboratories in the UK who report to the Serious Hazards ofTransfusion (SHOT) haemovigilance scheme and is intended to represent a ‘snapshot’ of working conditionswithin the laboratory on a single day across UK.The UKTLC standards have been revised for 2023, replacing the previous version (Chaffe et al., 2014)and a full report will be published in Transfusion Medicine, an abbreviated version is viewable onthe SHOT website: www.shotuk.org/resources/current-resources/uktlc/

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